Success Story

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Matt’s Background

– @ age 6 Matthew was physically violent @ school – kicking, punching & damaging his classroom;
– family admitted they do not set or enforce good boundaries for him;
– had no friends;
– no social activities.

What were people trying to do?

– in a rare move by the school, the school Supt. wanted to look at a placement at the Ranch for him, parents did not agree;
– Matt’s parents were connected with 11UI through a referral. This helped bridge the gap/build relationships between the school & his family – – by having regular meetings between the school & family to work toward re-integration at school;
– Matt was in contact with the police 3 times after his involvement with 11UI, during the time when his behaviour & a course of action were being assessed;
– mom decided to homeschool Matt for a year;
– Matt desperately wanted to be back in school

11UI helped facilitate:

– successful re-integrated into school (consistently attending the last 2 yrs);
– a diagnosis from Child & Youth Services (formal ADHD and autism diagnosis);
– a connection to the Autism Centre, Special Olympics camps, programming @ the Y,
– obtaining a mentor.


– no police contact since being successfully reintegrated into school;
– met mom mid-September, she is thankful for 11UI – – doesn’t know where their family would be without the collaborative support;
– 11UI conducts regular case conferences to ensure supports & services are being offered & meeting Matt’s needs;
– 11UI has impacted the whole family (Matt’s parents & 2 brothers)

*names have been changed

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