Making a Difference

11UI has influenced the way that community service providers, government ministries, and agencies provide services. 11UI has also enhanced the way in which local police and school resources are able to engage and support children.

Difference for Children & Families

  • A formalized, structured support system is in place for the child and family to be engaged in available services.
  • Continuous engagement and support from 11UI to proactively monitor the success of the case management plan.
  • Parents or legal guardians are engaged and supported to increase their parenting capacity by building on their existing strengths.

Difference for Service Providers

  • Targeted early intervention and prevention services directed towards children aged 11 years or younger and their families. Children and their families are brought to 11UI through a single point of contact.
  • Parents or legal guardians of an 11UI child give written consent to be a part of the initiative and to the service agencies involved with 11UI, to openly discuss and share information regarding the child’s case.
  • An intersectoral collaborative partnership approach to integrated and assertive case management now exists. A collaborative case management plan is developed with input from the family and agencies involved.
  • Increased communication between partners, including a better understanding of how each partner conducts business, and the way the partners can support each other.
  • Better allocation of resources creating increased efficiency and less duplication in the delivery of human services.

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