Components of 11UI

11UI is a collaborative intersectoral approach in which the Regina Public School Board, Regina Catholic School Board, the Ministry of Social Services, the Ministry of Justice, Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region, and the Regina Police Service have all partnered to develop long-term strategies to support and assist children 11 years and younger and their families.

1. Targeted Single Intake

Targets children 11 years and under who are displaying at-risk behaviour. Initial contact is made by the 11UI Early Intervention Officer where the family is introduced to the initiative. An Early Assessment Risk List (EARL) is used to assess if 11UI is suitable or appropriate for the child.

2. Family Engagement

Consent is given to 11UI by the child’s legal guardian to share information amongst the 11UI working group. The child’s family is engaged throughout the process and is closely involved in developing the intervention plan.

3. Assertive & Integrated Case Management

An assessment of the child’s circumstance is completed to develop an appreciation of the child’s past and present environment. The assessment is completed with the inclusion of the Ministry of Social Services, the Ministry of Justice, Regina Police Services, Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region as well as the 11UI Case Manager. Additional partners are included as required.
Complex cases are handled through Case Conferences, which include all participating service providers to ensure proactive case management.

4. Engagement with Services

11UI will support engagement with existing support services that provide what best meets the needs of the child and their family. 11UI will connect the child and family with pro-social activities, school resources, and/or parenting capacity opportunities.

5. Long-term Involvement

Intervention plans are developed to promote long-term solutions for both the child and family involved. 11UI is committed to ensure that children and their families can smoothly transition out of the initiative. 11UI will remain in contact with the child to ensure that the desired outcomes continue to be achieved.

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